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RxClubhouse, based out of Austin, Texas sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry. Our company and brand takes pride in proper labeling, ingredient safety, but most of all, customer service and quality of service. We are fully committed to providing superior service for anybody looking to supplement their fitness needs and to better their quality of life.

Our goal is to make a healthy difference in people's lives every day and to ensure that our customer is overly satisfied through all facets of our brand. It matters to us that our customers know we are a reliable resource for their favorite products and also a place where highly knowledgeable people are in place to provide it. We want to provide not just our products, but we want to advise and lead everyone into a better way of life. We offer everyday low prices and we make it easy for our customers to make healthier choices every day.


We are relentless in our efforts to foster a community of health-inspired people. Our mission is to provide the best customer service to every single person willing and able to supplement their lifestyle for the better. Beyond our retail stores, we are there for every single customer through social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube! RxClubhouse realizes that a community based company who shares the same wants and needs and interests for fitness, will share this community aspect. We aspire to have a community where people can share their thoughts and opinions with our company. If you have new weight management goals in mind or you simply want to implement a healthier fitness program into your life, we're here to give you guidance and accurate product information so that you're armed with the tools you need for success.

We offer everyday low pricing.

On top of giving you competitive prices every day, we continually offer generous discounts, provide coupons, special promotions, social contests and a highly motivated team to ensure that our community gets the quality they deserve.

We strive to be the best though quality of service, quality of products, trust, community, and fitness.


Evolve. Faster. Together.