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  • How to Have Constant Energy



    I believe that age should not be able to rob anyone of their spirit. The Author used the verse John 10:10 as a point that perfectly supports this. It reads "The thief comes only to steal and kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly." Words stated by Jesus saying we should have life abundantly; sounds like constant energy.


    It's been said by the creator, now it's our job to take it. But how? -Do what you love. Live for something more than a paycheck. Do what makes you feel alive. -Slow down. God has everything mapped out for you so be aware of that and rest when needed. Be in tune with his clock. -Once you slow down, eliminate fear and believe in God's plan for you.

    Marcus Musgrove CrossFit Defiant

    RxClubhouse Athlete

  • The Little Things

    Randi #4


    The other day I was observing some fairly new athletes lift as another coach was giving them instructions on how to properly perform a deadlift. I watched as he was going over step by step and correcting along the way and the cues he was giving them. Each time they seemed to improve on form and weight. Once the weight started to get pretty challenging you could see their whole demeanor change. You could see the intimidation set in. You could see their confidence slowly slipping away each time there was weight added. As I stood there still observing, they both failed the lift they attempted next. Frustration and disappointment was all over their faces. I knew exactly how they felt. I stepped in and told them that you can't let the bar and weights intimidate you. You have to lift with confidence. You can't be afraid to fail. Failing leads to success. You have to focus on a few things during the lift and nothing else. When you walk up to the bar you better be ready to give it a solid effort otherwise your wasting your time. It's going to be tough, it's heavy, but that's how you get better. They both successfully lifted their next lift. Was it perfect? No and it doesn't have to be. What I saw was a smile on both of their faces and confidence that was regained. Your workouts change when you approach them with confidence. Don't let objects, numbers, weights, reps, times, scores intimidate you. You focus on you and give a solid effort and work on the little things.

    Randi Stevens CrossFit Impressions

    RxClubhouse Athlete

  • Dressing Room Insecurities



    Learning to love the body you’re in is hard. Even when you work hard day-in & day-out to train, eat right, provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Even then, it’s hard to look in the mirror and really love what you see.


    But I’ve done it, for the most part. I’ve gotten past the point of “oh my gosh my arms are too big, why doesn’t my waist curve in more,” and moved on to “look at the definition in my arms! Look at my obliques in that picture!” Used to, when people would ask me to flex, I would blush and shake my head- now, I figure if they want to see my muscles I might as well let them! I lost what little breasts I had when I got really strict into working out, and I’ve now gone from self-consciously covering my small chest, to going braless and embracing it (and it’s awesome.)


    It’s not that easy, every day, though.


    Like when I find the CUTEST pair of jeans and I go to try them on and they won’t make it past my massive calves.


    Or when I’m trying on my favorite top from the year prior, and I have to call my fiancee into the room to help me take it off because it’s gotten stuck on my lats and I can’t get it over my head.


    Or when I’m wedding dress shopping and a dress gets stuck because I decided to put it on over my head rather than step into it and my shoulders are too broad… and I laugh it off, but inside I cringe.


    Or yesterday, when I’m alone in a dressing room, and I decide I’m going to purchase a romper even though it’s a little tight across my shoulders, and then I go to take it off and break into a panic because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get it off.


    Yeah, it’s not always fun…it’s not always “look at my muscles!” Sometimes, people you love say hateful things… “you’re not going to end up looking like *insert famous CrossFit athlete here* are you?” or the ever-popular, “you used to be so tiny!” And sometimes you almost hulk-rip out of an outfit in the dressing room because the outfit you almost bought turned out to be a little tighter than you thought it was.


    But other times, other times it’s awesome. When you hit that PR you’ve been working towards and you realize that you just practically threw someone who is 15 lbs heavier than you from the ground to over your head. Or when you finally find a bathing suit line like #aerieREAL that accentuates your muscles and fits your small breasts and makes you look hot & feminine. Or, better yet, when you receive messages from people you barely know telling you that your life is an inspiration to them, that because of the changes you’ve made, they believe they can change, too.


    I struggle with self-image, we all do. I want to look a certain way now, and sometimes I get frustrated with the process. But it’s important to remember that God has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecc. 3:11.) God is funny like that, sometimes He is so intentional in His vagueness, it’s as if he’s saying “you know I will handle it, be patient, darling.” So I remember this, I keep working hard towards my goals and keeping my sights on Him, after all, we are His masterpiece (Eph. 2:10.)


    You are beautiful, you are loved, you are called Hephzibah.

    Until next time, in Christ, Taylor Michelle

    Taylor Michelle Owens CrossFit Bulletproof

    RxClubhouse Athlete

  • My Inspiration


    I was recently Inpired by a an article by Janne Robinson called, "F*** Everything that Doesn't Make You Happy". I love this.


    In life we have choice. We really do.


    If you are not happy change it.


    If your friends suck, "break-up" with them.


    If you don't like any part of how you are living them change that.




    Don't complain and bring yourself down. That is the worst.


    In my heart I recently have decided to go after what I want. That involved changing gyms and environments so that the growth in me was fed. But you know what, I don't care what "nay-Sayers" say, I mean I'm great. I'm happy. I have an awesome husband and Jesus is showing me awesome new things everyday. Not mention I am so in love with my job.


    So why wouldn't I do what I love?

    Megan Lynn Adams CrossFit Cedar Park

    RxClubhouse Athlete

  • What Now?



    Now that regionals is over, my off season begins. It is always a good experience and always a journey for myself. I am always learning and growing. I've been doing Crossfit for 3 years now. 2016 was also my third year at regionals. Yes, my first year doing Crossfit, I went to regionals. My first year at regionals in 2014 was unbelievable. It was nerve-wracking and exciting. I was a rookie and had just learned a lot of movements in Crossfit. I wasn't expecting much from myself out on the floor but I was ready to see how well I could move with the girls. My background in sports has helped me a lot in Crossfit. I have done gymnastics, track and field, pole vault, cross country, wrestling, power lifting and bodybuilding. My background is not an excuse. I've realized how bad in shape I was, despite all the sports I've done. I was like starting all over from scratch but I loved it! The challenge is what I enjoy. I've been an athlete all my life and I love the feeling and craving to be better. 2016, regionals in Dallas, which was my third year goes to prove I am not ashamed to say that I was a little disappointed. My dreams is to make it to the Games one day. And maybe I had my hopes a little too high, but once again I experienced all my weaknesses. I WILL continue to work on them. Like I always tell my coach Marcus, some day's I'm the hammer and some days I'm the nail. BUT, what really opened up my eyes was on the first day I was down to 30th place and all I could think about was to pick it back up. On the second and third day I went back up 15 spots. That had to say something? I didn't leave angry after all, I was proud of myself. Who knew I could jump back up to top 20? This is not the end of me, this only makes me more hungry!

    Rachel Garibay CrossFit 915

    RxClubhouse Athlete

  • Feedback



    This is one of my favorite new things. The art of feedback is one of the toughest lessons but as you approach giving/ receiving it with openness and no emotion, it becomes easier.


    What feedback is, is this:


    Context- Impact-Commitment


    Context: What was seen or said.


    Impact: What was the impact it had on you? Only you. (No 'I feel'). How did what was done directly impact you? Be honest.


    Commitment: What is the commitment you are making to the person you are giving feedback to? (consider this: you care enough to tell the other person, with love, what was done).


    I see a lot of conflict that could be resolved if you simply take your emotion out. When you do that you can have empowering moments with whoever you are giving feedback to. This is how we get better in life and personal or business relationships.

    Megan Adams CrossFit Cedar Park

    RxClubhouse Athlete

  • Goals



    When I have a new athlete come through the door one of the first things I ask them is what they would like to achieve. A few have a quick response and know exactly what they want and a few look at me like they have never been asked that question before. Goals are important in your growth as a person and as an athlete. I try to encourage everyone to train with a purpose. They can be simple and small to start and then gradually increase and become one big picture. Goals set the stage for the future. Goals remind you of the "why" on days you don't want to be there. Achieving goals gives you confidence. Failing reminds you that it won't always be easy. Goals give you a purpose and a desire to better yourself. Set goals and crush them! Never settle and always stay hungry for more.

    Randi Stevens Crossfit Impressions

    RxClubhouse Athlete

  • "Strict Strength"

    Justin Adams1


    An often overlooked but drastically important piece to functional fitness training is strict gymnastics strength. We are seeing this more in high level competitions (Legless rope climbs, strict HSPU, strict muscle-ups), but potentially even more important than having the skill for competition is injury prevention.


    Dynamic gymnastics movements like the Kipping hspu or the butterfly pull-up put an exponential amount of force on your shoulder girdle. If you do not have the strict foundation behind the movements it is a recipe for injury.


    Here is the basic template I use for all my strict gymnastics work. It is called the range method. The premise is you do three sets of Max effort sets up to 10 reps. Once you have accomplished 3x10 reps unbroken, you make the movement more difficult then repeat.


    Example 1: Strict Pull-ups (medium band) Set 1: 10 reps Set 2: 8 reps Set 3:7 reps In this example you would stay on the same level of difficulty for another week.


    Example 2: Strict Pull-ups (medium band) Set 1: 10 reps Set 2: 10 reps Set 3: 10 reps In this example you have graduated the "range". The following week you would make it more difficult by moving down to a smaller size band.


    You should start at a range difficulty that you know you can get 5-7 quality reps. Starting off with a range that is too difficult will slow your progress. Volume will create results.


    Here are ways to scale common strict gymnastics movements: Hspu: push-ups, box hspu or strict dumbbell press Pull-up: banded pull-ups Ring Dips: box dips or ring dips with feet elevated on a box. (Note: do not use bands for ring dips. Unlike the band on a pullup bar where the band helps you most on the least difficult part of the movement, a band on rings will help you most at the most difficult part. It will slow progress and create bad habits.)


    I like to alternate days on pushing movements (ring dips, hspu) and pulling movements (pullups, muscle ups, rope climbs) so as to not overwork on muscle group. Also as you progress through this make mobility a priority. This can overload your shoulders if you do not properly take care of them!


    I hope this helps! Go get strong!!!

    Justin Adams Woodward CrossFit

    RxClubhouse Athlete

  • Elite Athlete Insight



    Crossfitters Cheat Their Pullups By Kipping:


    False, kipping is a new way to create a greater volume of work. The whole point of this style of pull-up is SPEED and more repitition. The "kipping pull-up" is a much more efficient technique. Put simply, you can do more total work when kipping than when going dead hang pull-ups. To someone who is interested in functional training, such as CrossFit, this is great. Kipping is a very popular common movement with the rise of CrossFit and is definitely an effective movement for developing all athletes.


    Therefore, the case in fitness debates: The answer is that it depends on a lot of factors, pre-existing conditions, someones goals, etc. This being said, strict pull-ups are essential for building strength and should be achieved before someone even thinks about kipping.


    Good crossfitters do all types of pull-ups, including strict, tempo, weighted and KIPPING. Anything strict is building strength in specific muscle groups. There is no momentum involved in the movement, like kipping. Strict pull-ups rely on the muscles and how much they can move under load (your body weight). When you are doing strict movements, you are also utilizing time under tension, so your body is in constant tension with your weight. Time under tension builds strength by using concentric and eccentric contractions, which also benefit building body control movements.

    Rachel Garibay Crossfit 915

    RxClubhouse Athlete

    RxClubhouse Athlete

  • Let's Talk Health



    After a fun weekend in Austin with my fiance and CrossFit family, it’s time to get serious about health! I have lots of stuff going on right now, with coaching & training & my part-time gigs, it’s been a struggle to stay healthy & on top of my training! With my new GRID training, I’m realizing what this is going to take… and LOVING every minute of it. Lots of hard work ahead, so I’ve been doing my research on how to stay healthy & I want to share it with you!


    As I’ve said before- I’m not a nutritionist, or a dietician. I don’t have all of the answers to your health woes, but I do have suggestions for how to get “back on track” or at least how to stay healthier. All of my suggestions are based off of the knowledge of friends, colleagues and industry leaders that I am extremely blessed to be able to learn from! Please, click on the articles I link to for FULL explanations. I’m a resource but I am NOT going into full detail on all of these topics- the articles do!


    First off- anyone who is friends with me on Facebook knows that I have been STRUGGLING with my allergies lately. Almost debilitating. A Facebook friend of mine who works for SFH and is extremely forthcoming with advice & opinions responded to my plea for help telling me that I need to invest in Probiotics. So, I did some research, and here’s what I’ve learned so far:


    First off, what are probiotics? They are healthy bacteria that live in the gut and in fermented, raw and living foods. They are essential for “gut health,” so they are go-to for people who suffer from IBS and other digestive issues. But what I didn’t know is that they are also important for endurance athletes. According to this article on, probiotics are essential for endurance athletes because they improve recovery by increasing antioxidant absorption, support immune function by promoting higher levels of interferon (natural virus fighter,) which is decreased in fatigued athletes, and healthy bacteria improves digestion by increasing the bioavailability and absorption of proteins and fats. Basically, what this all means, is that with probiotics you will recover faster, get sick less AND absorb all of that healthy food you’re eating better! This means that your hard work & discipline with your diet will pay off. And we all want that, right? More knowledge here from the Food Doctor.



    Specifically, high-quality fish oils. This article on Ascenta Health says that Fish Oils are important, specifically for athletes, because they increase protein synthesis, improve the anabolic effect of exercise, increase muscle strength & performance, reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and DOMS, support your immune system, strengthen bones, and a whole lot of other awesome benefits. Basically- this is the REAL ‘miracle drug’ that everyone has been looking for- and it’s available EVERYWHERE! Check out this article by Coach Calvin at Invictus for details on the amount you should be taking. I’m a big fan of Barleans fish oils, which you can get in our RXClubhouse kiosk!



    The market is over-saturated. It’s important that you supplement your diet with protein, but it’s also important to know what you’re putting in your body. Look at the ingredients, study them, and if all else fails, ask a trusted coach. SFH is a great, natural, trusted brand that we also carry in our kiosk- a lot of our coaches swear by their RECOVERY protein! Our MHP Paleo Protein is great for our paleo athletes, and it has a great price point, and FINAFLEX just released a protein blend in a frosted churro flavor that I like to enjoy with my coffee in the morning:)


    I could go on & on, but I’ll save the rest for another day…


    Until next time, in Christ,

    Taylor Michelle Owens Crossfit Bulletproof

    RxClubhouse Athlete

    RxClubhouse Athlete

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