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Crossfitters Cheat Their Pullups By Kipping:


False, kipping is a new way to create a greater volume of work. The whole point of this style of pull-up is SPEED and more repitition. The "kipping pull-up" is a much more efficient technique. Put simply, you can do more total work when kipping than when going dead hang pull-ups. To someone who is interested in functional training, such as CrossFit, this is great. Kipping is a very popular common movement with the rise of CrossFit and is definitely an effective movement for developing all athletes.


Therefore, the case in fitness debates: The answer is that it depends on a lot of factors, pre-existing conditions, someones goals, etc. This being said, strict pull-ups are essential for building strength and should be achieved before someone even thinks about kipping.


Good crossfitters do all types of pull-ups, including strict, tempo, weighted and KIPPING. Anything strict is building strength in specific muscle groups. There is no momentum involved in the movement, like kipping. Strict pull-ups rely on the muscles and how much they can move under load (your body weight). When you are doing strict movements, you are also utilizing time under tension, so your body is in constant tension with your weight. Time under tension builds strength by using concentric and eccentric contractions, which also benefit building body control movements.

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RxClubhouse Athlete

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