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My Inspiration


I was recently Inpired by a an article by Janne Robinson called, "F*** Everything that Doesn't Make You Happy". I love this.


In life we have choice. We really do.


If you are not happy change it.


If your friends suck, "break-up" with them.


If you don't like any part of how you are living them change that.




Don't complain and bring yourself down. That is the worst.


In my heart I recently have decided to go after what I want. That involved changing gyms and environments so that the growth in me was fed. But you know what, I don't care what "nay-Sayers" say, I mean I'm great. I'm happy. I have an awesome husband and Jesus is showing me awesome new things everyday. Not mention I am so in love with my job.


So why wouldn't I do what I love?

Megan Lynn Adams CrossFit Cedar Park

RxClubhouse Athlete

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